we are The Clockwork Moth,  known to some as Charlie Scullion and Victoria Narewski. We live on Dartmoor with a little boy named Tolly and a friendly dog, called Pan.  We enjoy a creative world where art and life dream together. 


Our specialities include shadow-puppetry, sculpture, workshops, the written word, knitting and installation.

We love stories and folklore, magic and history, flora and fauna.  Our art is inspired in a big way by the amazing bounty of nature where we live in Devon, and by our friendships, families, and by other artists, from filmmakers to authors to gardeners. Inspiration and adventure lies everywhere.

We are currently making puppets for a darkly humorous shadow-adaptation of The Brothers Grimms' 'The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs' which will tour autumn/winter 2014. Charlie has completed 'A Song, A Tale and A Rhyme,' a cheeky, silly, short shadow-trio, which is available for festivals and parties and will be performed at the wonderful Larmer Tree and Shambala festivals this year. Please, enjoy taking a journey through the website and its many galleries. We heartily welcome comments and questions x 

If you like what you see, here is our links page to people who inspire us!

OUR NEW SHOW!Ashburton Town Hall

TOUR DATES 2014-15

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