A Trip Through The Solar System is a collaboration with the fantastic Dartmoor Skies, who specialise in astronomical education and stargazing.

We have created a spaceship-theatre that accompanies their pre-stargazing talks. There are a few different versions, focusing either on features of the solar system, or the human exploration of the solar system. The theatre employs a combination of shadow puppetry, magnetic diaoramas, crankies and mock-spaceship-technology tricks. The set is based on a 2001-Oddysey type spaceship, with a window to the cosmos whose view changes as we travel.

The 'show' will be performed three times at Port Elliot Festival 2018 and followed each time by stargazing, including this years lunar eclipse! 

If you are interested in booking 'A Trip Though the Solar System', you can contact either The Clockwork Moth or Dartmoor Skies.