Tolly (our son and eldest) with friends Orienne, Cohen and Marla

If you are finding it hard to get a hold of just what The Clockwork Moth is, then you are just about on the right track. Vicky and I have never been happy to pigeon-hole ourselves. We are best known for our shadow-puppetry, but have never felt comfortable proclaiming ourselves puppeteers - shadow puppetry incorporates many roles; illustrator, storyteller, maker, director, etc. We love to change it up, do lots of different things. That's why we enjoy commissions, it makes us do something unexpected, be that a new show, an installation, a workshop, a mural, or whatever. The other thing is that our lives are constantly changing, and The Clockwork Moth has always been about the blend of art and life for us, as well as collaborating with talented friends whose lives are in turn changing and developing down the years. Becoming parents has changed the dynamic of our artistic careers for sure. It has also seen us reach the age (lets just say late-ish 30s), where we are really asking ourselves what we will do with our lives, at times with a little apprehension. Vicky and I  have all kinds of interests, skills, hobbies, passions, some of which have simmered on the back-boiler for years, some of which have emerged in the last year or so. Vicky is considering making bespoke (and truly beautiful) wedding dresses. I am writing more fiction as well as thinking about my place in the world of wildlife, conservation and land use. And there are the other things besides. Who knows what we are? Who we are? We'll have to get to the end of the story first.