Charlie Narewski Scullion

Charlie grew up near Glasgow. He is a freelance artist and has co-led The Clockwork Moth with his wife Vicky for the last decade, making, predominantly, atmospheric shadow plays for adults and children. He has had a lifelong love of drawing and still draws, mostly for the fun of it. The Clockwork Moth love being commissioned for installation art where the imagination can run riot and we run a lot of creative workshops for all ages throughout the year.

This year Charlie will partly be focusing on sending off short stories to literary journals to see if anyone agrees that his stories are worth reading. Its a passion that he wants to tend.


He sees creativity as something that goes far beyond a career. It is part of life, a way of processing the world. He dreams of finding some land with Vicky, running a unique and special campsite, making the land thrive, writing and making all the while.

Charlie loves nothing better than ending a day smelling of soil. He dreams about gardenering and planting and loves wildlife gardening best of all. He is working as a gardener at Buckfast Abbey and embarking on a Level 2 Practical Horticulture course with his true love Vicky. They hope to develop community gardens that benefit both wildlife and people and combine this with the nature education work they have been doing with children over the last year.

Charlie regularly collaborates with Dartmoor Skies who do amazing and mind-blowing astronomy talks and stargazing. He has made a spaceship-theatre that acts as a kind of dynamic diorama window for illustrating aspects of astronomy. Its hard to explain. Charlie also works as a core artist for Creation Myth Puppets. In a nutshell, they go around schools and make shows with children inspired by world creation  myths; each child makes a puppet and each puppet is in the final show. It is epic and unique and crazy and the children love it.