A collaboration between Charlie of The Clockwork Moth and Chez Dunford, performed at Ausform Scratch Circus showcase at Circomedia Bristol, in 2014. Though this was only a 'scratch' experiment, I think we were onto something pretty special. The show was inspired by The Brothers Grimm's 'Rapunzel,' combined ariel silk circus with shadow puppetry and live music. We made it in a single crazy evening of 'go-for-it' collaborative solitude, with the pressure of a scheduled performance the next day driving us onward. Sometimes that's the best way to make exciting work you'd never have discovered with if you'd waited for it to come to you.

Chez performed the ariel silk movements as well as singing and playing the violin in a beautiful, atmospheric way. Charlie complimented this with a range of different shadow-puppetry methods. There were dark, growing forests and a prince scaling tower walls, all set to candlelight and sad musical refrains tinged with the dread of night. Who knows?

Maybe Rapunzel will keep calling from her tower and we may return some day.