Hansel & Gretel, A Shadow Play

Lose yourself in the woods and follow the scent of sugar in this classic tale by The Brother's Grimm, told through storytelling, shadow-puppetry and live music.

A Trip Through The Solar System is a collaboration with the fantastic Dartmoor Skies, who specialise in astronomical education and stargazing.

​We have created a spaceship-theatre that accompanies their stargazing talks. There are a few different versions, focusing either on features of the solar system, or the human exploration of the solar system. The theatre employs a combination of shadow puppetry, magnetic diaoramas, crankies and mock-spaceship-technology. The set is based on a 2001-Oddysey type spaceship, with a window to the cosmos whose view changes as we travel.

©Charlie Narewski Scullion, The Clockwork Moth, 2018

A Trip Through The Solar System,

with Dartmoor Skies


Hansel & Gretel 22nd-25th Aug



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